Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion

Business  professionals are indulging themselves more and more into social media.  A variety of these social tools are used extensively throughout the business environment for a number of reasons. Some of the tools available are, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook being the most commonly used of the list provided.

LinkedIn is the new face of the business community. LinkedIn offers users the ability to build your professional brand and share it with a vast amount of other professionals. Business persons are using this tool to market themselves for potential jobs and also to seek out strong candidates for job offerings.

SlideShare is the go to destination for professional presentation sharing. Business professionals use this tool to sharing presentations from previous events, forums and even speeches.

Twitter allows business professionals to follow recent events and occurrences through the tweets of users.  It also gives you the freedom to follow major companies and important people for example the President of the United States.

Tumblr is an Internet platform that host blogs for business professionals. More and more companies are blogging about their business which add customer interest and more success to the business through this social tool.

Facebook is the most widely used social media tool by business professionals. Professionals used this tool as an extensive background check for candidates they are considering to hire. Also companies has developed a liking for Facebook by creating pages that allows users to access their page and interact with the company directly.

Social Networking is not only a fun past time anymore but a highly productive hobby that guides careers in the direction of success. This allows individuals to build a personal brand that represents them in a nutshell covering areas such as work experience, education and interests to highlight a few. Job recruiters use social networking as their new hunting grounds for excellent candidates.


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